Salt and Pepper French Toast


You’re probably thinking the same thing I was when the notion of savory french toast was thrust in my general direction: No.

But I found this recipe on food52, a cooking blog I really do love and highly recommend everyone check out. They’ve rarely steered me wrong in the past (well, that whole “In Defense of Tofu” article has caused me much soy related grief) so I figured, why not?

And that’s really what we should ask ourselves in most cooking endeavors: why not? I mean, how much sense does it really make in the first place that we cover slices of bread with eggs, cook them and then serve them with maple syrup? I’m sure the person who had that served to them threw a fit.

I think this recipe is the perfect balance of that buttery, eggy, err, breadcombination we crave sometimes, but without the cloying sweetness of syrup or honey that isn’t welcome every morning.

Personally I think this dish less resembles french toast and is more akin to a homestyle attempt at those scallion pancakes some Chinese takeout places seem to have (but never the ones I go to, oddly enough).

Give the recipe a try and tell me what you think

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Cuando escucho esta canción
Mi corazón quiere cantar así

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trc reread #5

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Name: Diana.
  • Birthday: August.
  • Favourite colour: Black.
  • Lucky number:  1138.
  • Height: 5’10.
  • Talents: …surviving. 
  • Last dream you remember: It was not something I wanted to remember.
  • Can you juggle: Nope. 
  • Art/sports/both:  Art.
  • Do you like writing: Usually.
  • Do you like dancing: I like it but boy am I bad at it.
  • Do you like singing: See above.


  • Dream vacation: Uhhh right now I want to go to St Pete and stay in the Sabal Palms in Passe A Grille and eat a lot of snow cones and not think about anything.
  • Dream guy/gal: Thor, or Sif. Someone from the Thor franchise who isn’t Loki.
  • Dream wedding: Someone else’s wedding with a really good bar.
  • Dream pet: Sneks!
  • Dream job: I like my job. But being paid to post cat gifs seems like a good gig.
Favourite song: Yeah right.
  • Last song you heard on the radio: That one shitty Metallica song. No, the other one.
  • Least favourite song:  It probably involves banjos.
Least favourite album: Something by church-burners and/or banjoists.


Guys/girls/nonbinary people/all/none: Guys?
  • Hair colour:  Dark but also blond. Hair, whatever. Hair is good. No hair is good. 
Eye colour: Dark.
  • Humorous/serious: People who can adjust their comments appropriately. 
  • Taller/shorter: I would like to be picked up and swung around BUT ALSO I enjoy picking people up and swinging them around. As long as you will rotate spooning positions with me.
  • Biggest turn-off: Willful ignorance.
  • Biggest turn-on: Shoulders, nice smells.

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It’s the weekend and I’ve got the fanart bug and I am trying to come up with some titles for these like “Any Excuse to Draw Gold Braid and Epaulettes” or “I Finally Drew Nikolai, fictograph" or "Cassie Promised Her Coworker She’d Practice Backgrounds and This Is What She Drew"

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Everything about Nine was great


Everything he said was pure gold



And not just the funny and sass…


Literally everything


Even when he don’t say anything, tho




I love how he was always smiling


Even tought he was the most damaged Doctor


The way he looked at Rose



image hells yeah



I want him back

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"My husband was reading to my daughter—all these traditional fantasy stories, and fairy tales, like A Wrinkle in Time, and Lord of the Rings, and something called The Dark Is Rising—and you know, they’re all the same, in the way that the hero is depicted, the trials that the hero goes through—and I’m listening to these stories, night after night, and they’re giving me some of the ideas for the fairy tale. And some of the ideas, I already knew, was aware of, from reading all the stuff that my daughter would eventually be reading, or reading to her myself, so that definitely shaped the story. But I think maybe the idea that the girl is the focus of the story, that she is not just being rescued, that at one point, she rescued the boy, I think that part comes from having a daughter."

The Rumpus Interview With Jane Rosenberg LaForge (via therumpus)

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